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Goddess Ivy

Goddess Ivy

Lives in United Kingdom · Born on July 5
July 5
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November 26, 2013
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August 30, 2013
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I am a Financial Domme accepting slaves
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Fin/Lifestyle Domme
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About Me
I want the world! And i will be given it!
I have beautiful feet.
I am an artist, and everything i do is perfect.
I like to know my slaves! Delve deep into their personality. Know their secrets.
If you would like to get to know me i would like to get to know you also.
Dont be afraid, i can be gentle.
My Fetish's and Kinks
My own, beautiful, feet need to be worshiped!
I must know what my worshiper does, day to day.
I am a Goddess, a deity, I will be treated as such.
I want intelligence, though never shall it surpass my own.
I am privileged and should be treated so!
I enjoy dressing up in all different ways.
I can be a bit twisted.
Role Playing characters.
I do love a pretty little sissy Wink
My main fetish is power and status!
I like to laugh and look down upon pathetic piggys!
My Content

Fight club, any Tarantino movie, Requiem for a Dream, World War Z, Any Brad Pitt actually, fantasy, anything messed up, sad, depressing, evil, fucked up!
Art, theater, dressing up, tea, classical everything, crafts, stargazing, reminding other that they are a pathetic piece of shit, cooking, magic, video games, figurine painting, antiques.
Classical, piano, electronic, punk, ska, some heavier things.
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